SQZin Software

SQZin Software

SQZin Review- Immediately Turn ABSOLUTELY ANY Webpage/Link Into A Cash Pulling, 100% Viral Squeezepage. No Composing, No Coding, No Site Even Needed!

SQZin Overview:

Product: SQZin
Vendor: Cindy Donovan
Release Date: 2017- 11- 08 At 11:00 EST
Front-End Cost: $24.97- $67
Specific Niche: Social Network

SQZin- Exactly what is it?

SQZin is a brand name new software that will help you turn ANY Page Into A Viral Squeezepage. This is the software you require for viral material, easy list structure, more sales- all from a flood of 100% totally free viral traffic. SQZin is the must-have software, making anything you do online instantly more successful.

With SQZin, You can …

  • Turn a webpage/link into a viral, list structure, cash sucking squeeze page with banners, CTA’s or optin forms.
  • Functions for ANY link can be developed into a profitable capture page consisting of, news short articles, a test, Youtube video, Shopify offer, affiliate link or FB post.
  • NO modifying or writing and even English language skills needed.
  • Finds up to date Viral content you can benefit from, that is upgraded every 10 minutes. Like BuzzSumo without the ridiculous restrictions and $79 (MINUTES!!!) monthly cost.
  • Create instantaneous video capture pages that can go viral with just a couple of clicks.
  • Build your list and get more clicks to your offers in an enjoyable, exciting new way.
  • And much more …

How Does It Functions?

Get the inside track on any news product, video, short article or product ready to go viral and make money from it immediately …

SQZin is cloud based software that turns ANY link into an opt-in grabbing, contact us to action squeeze page. These incredibly advanced Algorithm will track down viral content within 10 minutes. It then turns this content into a squeeze page including optin’s, with call to actions, overlays … banners … and so much more …

  • Discover Trends– As they go live, you’ll be the first to understand it- within 10 minutes of our software discovering the spike.
  • Include CTA’s/ Optin’s– Put your affiliate link, contact us to action, optin type, branding … or anything you like on it!
  • Share Your Link– Your new Sqzin page automatically includes powerful social sharing buttons for instant viral traffic.
  • Profit– Your optin types, CTA’s, affiliate and product links go viral, so you can profit now and forever!

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SQZin The Features:


  • Jokingly named the ‘BuzzSumo Killer’ by a few of members, the content discovery tool is your goldmine to discovering news, videos or even products as they go viral.
  • Without BuzzSumo’s $100+ monthly price!
  • You can do a search for ANY specific niche material and have it come back with outcomes ready to set your autoresponder ablaze!
  • As soon as the search is done, just click the short article you desire to ‘squeeze’ and SQZin will work it’s magic!


  • These buttons may look innocent, however they’re secretly waiting to smash your traffic statistics through the roofing!
  • Social sharing buttons appear immediately with every link that you squeeze. Your visitor can share the great material on the significant social media platforms you select.
  • Making every link you share immediately viral providing you lots of exposure for your customised calls to action buttons, option types, affiliate links, item links, videos or whatever you pick to connect to.


  • As an online marketer one of the first things you’ll be told (maybe, after ‘the loan is in the list … build a list!!!’) is the value of cloaking and tracking.
  • Masking safeguards your affiliate links, from wannabe commission burglars … so you get to keep more of your tough earned cash.
  • Tracking is vital for understanding what is transforming, who is purchasing and where your time is finest invested.
  • Sure, numbers may be uninteresting if Math isn’t really your thing, however trust me … they start getting a lot more enjoyable when these trends turn no’s into $$’s!


  • Copy and paste a video connect to develop high transforming video squeeze pages total with autoresponder optin type, added calls to action and more.
  • You can benefit immediately by adding an additional affiliate link in a pop over call to action too! Or use it to get individuals to a webinar … Or put a sales video from an item release, or an Amazon review video.


On every page you squeeze, you’ll see an attention bar header. These are customisable, letting you utilize all sort of challenging marketing methods like:

  • Merely keep it at the article/post name
  • Relabel it to something more targeted to your audience
  • Add your company name for more branding
  • Mention a special benefit deal for action takers
  • Utilize it as a ‘pre’ headline to add extra ‘oomph’!


  • Here’s the REAL gold! These are the attention getting slide-in’s that will drive more clicks than anything presently on the market.
  • In the slide-in you can include an optin form, making it a smart eye capturing lead capture page.
  • Or place a call to action button, connecting to a targeted affiliate item, or a contact page, or anything you desire to utilize that will make you cash!


  • Use this function to make timer regulated squeezepages.
  • You can set how long you wish to make them wait, what you desire them to see then where you wish to redirect them after (and which CTA/Optin form to reveal them).
  • You can use this to warm them as much as an offer they will see on the next page, mention your brand prior to sending them to an affiliate link, or invite them to your eCommerce store … the options are all approximately you!


  • Click the image to the right to see the password protection in action.
  • To open, you can utilize the password: vipdemo.
  • Locking pages works for actually increasing engagement, delivering special items, bonus offers, exclusive material and actually … any type of secret/hidden/VIP type downloads you can consider!

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Who is it for?

SQZin is assisting marketers in all sort of niches …

The choices truly are limitless. Here are simply some of individuals who are utilizing Sqzin with terrific success- however you may have thought about some usages that we have not even begun to mention. If you need more leads, traffic and sales in any specific niche then chances are, yes this is for you. Take a look here to see how people are using Sqzin.

  • Shopify & WooCommerce– Squeeze a single product or even your entire store, then promote it like you usually would. People using this method have actually seen huge 300% instantaneous boosts in sales. Or use these find function to find trending products before they go viral so you can be at the forefront of the next fidget fad!
  • Video Online marketers– This software lets you develop viral video squeeze pages in a snap, just get your YouTube video link and paste it into Sqzin. You can include optin types, calls to action and more making this the fastest method to obtain a video capture page developed. Or, utilize it to make loan sharing cat videos!
  • Email Marketers– Cloak and track your links with a single click, add your very own branding, mention your unique benefit deals or a discount coupon you’ve got to increase conversions. Or kick things up a notch using the password lock function to own up greater engagement on the clicks, with more individuals opening, checking out and watching.
  • Connect Marketers– Sqzin immediately cloaks your connect to protect your commissions, making each affiliate promotion quickly more successful. Viral affiliate links: Possibly the most unbelievable thing you will ever see is people excitedly sharing YOUR affiliate promotional links for you, Sqzin makes it happen.
  • Website Owners– Usage immediate social squeeze function which immediately turns links you select on your site into a quickly squeezed viral page. Sqzin will give you an (optional) line of code and after that at any time someone clicks the share buttons those pages shared are “squeezed” for you, with your optin/CTA’s!
  • Start-up & New Online Marketers– Sqzin is so simple to use that anybody can utilize exactly what you currently have to make more loan and leads- or use find tool to discover trending product. Whatever phase of marketing you’re at, you can and must utilize this to secure your links, use viral traffic and start earning money quicker and much easier than ever.

Why Should You Get It Today?

  • SQZin Software finds viral news, articles, videos & items within 10 minutes of it beginning to increase in appeal.
  • Immediately include optin forms and CTA’s on the viral article links OR contribute to affiliate links, product pages and more!
  • 100% FREE integrated in viral traffic. Taps into viral material PRIOR TO it’s gone viral.
  • No previous experience needed. No writing, editing or site required.
  • Nothing to install, host or produce. Functions on PC & Mac utilizing your browser.
  • Start making money for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ shares!

Your SQZin Links Drive Traffic & OFFER For You 24-Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year

With these links doing the majority of the work, you’ll be able to have more spare time to concentrate on developing your online company- or … just costs time doing more of what you wish to be doing.

Truthfully, getting traffic can be one of the most time consuming and expensive parts of an online company- and this puts the tools to take advantage of an unstoppable source right in your hands.

Much better still, this works for anybody

No matter where you live, no matter just how much time you have … if you can log onto the Web, YOU can use SQZin … And there’s NO LIMIT to how lots of viral links you can turn into squeeze pages to build your list and grow your income.

Get SQZin now, click here

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